Cybercrimes are sadly the reality of our new tech-driven world. Many small businesses assume that these security issues are only a concern for large corporations, but it is wrong to think that only big fish are targeted by cybercriminals. In 2018, it was reported that nearly 61% of all the cybercrime targets were on small businesses!

What Exactly is Cybersecurity Awareness Training & Monitoring?

Cybersecurity awareness training simulates cyber security attacks (phishing) and helps your team understand the ever-changing security threats which can put your business at risk. The awareness training assists the staff in understanding how to avoid these issues, tests their ability to avoid them, then monitors and ranks your progress to determine the next steps.

Why is Cybersecurity Training Significant for Your Employees?

  • Protect your Business!

Cybersecurity training educates your employees in recognizing attacks and how to respond to them. Sadly, it is said that employees are the weakest link when it comes to cyber security! Educating them on what a cyber-attack can look like and how to avoid them, helps prevents cyber-related incidents at your workspace.

  • Maintain your reputation and keep customers satisfied.

A data breach resulting from a cyber-attack can harm your business’s well-earned reputation leading to long term economic consequences.

  • A program can be customized to suit your needs

Different businesses are prone to different kinds of information thefts. The training helps you ensure that your employees are aware of your organization’s specific security procedures, policies, and practices.

A cyber security awareness program is one of the key tools needed today to help protect your business. Let us know, if you are interested in our cyber security awareness platform, or other security initiatives we have to help keep our clients secure.